Monday, July 12, 2010

Why Evangelicals Are Returning To Rome ?

Our home is in Rome.

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Clarance J said...

Good. An I hope more keep coming. I was an evangelical once- more because of emotion than anything else. But the bible plus Catholicism is the the whole truth of God.

Evangelicals blaspheme the Holy Eucharist instituted by Christ. They insult the Mother of God every chance they get, and their peace plan for the Middle East often includes the elimination of real Christian Arabs.

Evangelicals can't even agree with each other on the correct interpretation of the bible.

And for the record even Muslims show respect to the Holy Virgin unlike evangelicals.

Larry Cruz said...

They are returning to Rome because it is the true church instituted by Jesus Christ.

Dr. Liam DC said...

Even Billy Graham once said "all roads lead to Rome".

To know which is the true Church of Jesus Christ one has to read about Christian history and read the about the early church founding fathers.

Ivan said...

They are returning to Rome because they are tired of the "rock n roll" kind of worship service and inconsistent doctrines taught in their churches.

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