Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guardian Angel Or Demon?

Kristina Cooper recounts a strange experience she had

Guardian angels are part of traditional Catholic belief so I didn't think I was doing anything wrong, when one day wondering what my angel was called, I simply asked him. The name Gregory popped into my mind so I presumed that that must be it. The exercise, however, made me intrigued to know the names of other people's angels too and I persuaded my colleague at the time, Vivian Sewell, to ask about hers. The name that came into her mind was even more ordinary - Harold.

I didn't think about it that often but when I was having trouble getting in touch with Vivian, I would often tell Gregory to get Harold to give Vivian a nudge. It seemed to work, but of course, one is never sure. About this time, although I didn't connect the two things, I started to get very tired. It seemed however early I went to bed or long I slept I never felt refreshed. I eventually went to the doctor thinking I was maybe anaemic. But I wasn't. That got me really anxious and I started to think that maybe I had ME.

Shortly afterwards, however, I received an alarmed phone call from Vivian. A houseguest had left her a book called, "The Hot Line" by an Anglican vicar called Peter Lawrence. One chapter was dedicated to his deliverance ministry. In it he recounted how one time he was casting out a spirit that called itself Gregory, followed by one called Harold. Thinking these were rather strange names for evil spirits he asked what manifestations they brought. "Tiredness, particularly when reading the scripture", was the reply.

My heart missed a beat. The co-incidence was too palpable. Fortunately the following day I was visiting my spiritual director, who was very wise and spiritually mature. I explained to him what had happened and asked his advice. He asked me what had prompted me to know the name of my angel in the first place. I admitted that it was just curiosity. Then he asked if I had been talking to it. I admitted that I had, but not often. He didn't say much but in a low key way laid his hands of me and prayed that if anything had come in that shouldn't, that it leave in the name of Jesus. Then we prayed that God would fill me with power and energy and love.

I didn't particularly feel' anything, and even afterwards I wasn't sure if I felt different. The following morning, however, when my alarm clock went off, I had no trouble getting out of bed and one of my flatmates even said, "You look awake this morning." This all happened about a decade ago. Although since then I have been tired due to stress or lack of sleep, that chronic inexplicable fatigue I suffered for six months has never returned.

I found the whole experience a valuable one, however as it helped me to believe in the reality of evil spirits and the influence they can have in our lives, however innocently we might become involved.

Source: Good News

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