Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Have No Fear: The Life Of Pope John Paul II

The plot of the film begins with the pope's visit to Jerusalem, a stop on his 91st trip abroad, which occurred between 20 March and 26 March, 2000.

At the Western Wall, he asked God to forgive the sins of the church, before retreating alone to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

At an early age, he lost his mother and his brother Edmund. Pope John Paul lived through the Nazi occupation of his homeland, Poland during World War II. Through all these hardships, he maintained his love for Jesus of Nazareth and the virgin Mary.

He became an ordained priest, and eventually the archbishop of Cracow, where he began his fight against Communism and oppression. On 16 October, 1978 Karol Wojtyla became the 264th pope of the Roman Catholic Church, and now called himself John Paul II.

The "Polish Pope" himself made history with the second longest papacy in history. He survived the assassination attempt by Ali Agca and used his influence to help bring communism to its knees.

On 2 April 2005 Pope John Paul II died.

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