Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Catholic Church: Builder Of Civilization

Hosted by Prof. Thomas E. Woods, Jr., this series exposes the fact that contrary to the conventional wisdom, the Catholic Church has been responsible for the vast bulk of what we treasure in Western civilization: science, the university system, Western moral principles, law (domestic and international), economic thought, and much else besides.

Debunking myths about the Catholic Church and its impact on Western Civilization.

2.The Church and Sciencecathbuildciv_02.mp3
The scientific world owes much of its discoveries to knowledgeable Catholic monks and priests.

3.Priests as Scientific Pioneerscathbuildciv_03.mp3
The leading pioneers of astronomy, geology and seismology were Catholic priests.

4.The Galileo Filescathbuildciv_04.mp3
Reading between the lines of the Galileo case.

5.The University Systemcathbuildciv_05.mp3
The Catholic church has long been the protector of knowledge and learning.

6.Does God Exist?cathbuildciv_06.mp3
Church scholars propose the existence of God through arguments of reason and rationalism.

7.The Monkscathbuildciv_07.mp3
The monks were the protectors of learning and knowledge during the barbarian invasions and the Middle Ages.

8.Catholic Charitycathbuildciv_08.mp3
Even anti-catholic commentators have marveled at the selflessness acts of charity administered by Catholics.

9.Western Moralitycathbuildciv_09.mp3
Western standards of morality have been decisively shaped by the Catholic Church.

10.The Concepts of Rights and Lawcathbuildciv_10.mp3
Modern Western legal systems are a secular residue of religious attitudes historically found in the liturgy, rituals and doctrines of the Catholic Church.

11.The Origins of International Lawcathbuildciv_11.mp3
The circumstances arriving from the discovery of the New World gave impetus for theologians to study the general principles of rights and treatment of peoples that developed into a basis for international law.

12.The Anti-Catholic Atrocities That History Forgotcathbuildciv_12.mp3
Catholic s throughout history have suffered for their faith, sometimes those instances, at the least, are not talked about much, others, at worst, are forgotten all together, like the drownings at Nantes or the Cristero War.

13.Series Recapcathbuildciv_13.mp3
The foundational building blocks of Western civilization were laid by the Catholic Church.


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