Monday, May 10, 2010

Mike Leehan's Testimony

The story of Mike Leehan. After a series of set backs in his life Mike walked away from God. He started to worship the Devil. Listen to his amazing God sized story.

If you need help pertaining to cases of demonic possession or oppression, please contact a deliverance prayer group in your area listed in this worldwide directory.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful I'd Say.. God is GOOD!! He is Almighty and can do ANYTHING...God Bless You Mike as you Bless Others with your Testimony in Christ Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading through the chapter on your conversion. My husband read it as we both crieed tears of joy and relief. Whatever happened to Maggie? To any reading, my opinion is that this book is for mature Christians or should be read with a mature Christian.

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