Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why The Catholic Church Is The True Church Of Jesus Christ

These videos describes why the Catholic Church is the True Church of Jesus Christ. And for over 2000 years the Catholic Church has been driven by the Holy Spirit and the apostolate.

Scriptural support:

Jesus Founded a Church

Only One True Church

Apostolic Authority



Baptism Necessary

Baptism of Infants

Veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Papacy


James said...

This is absolutely correct. The facts are difficult to disprove.

Frogman said...

The Catholic Church is the only christian church that has tangible evidence of its legitimacy as the true Church of Christ.

Robin said...

The Roman Catholic Church is the true Church of Jesus Christ, many "churches" have come and gone, many are still trying. But only ONE CHURCH has survived and can survive, the Church of Jesus Christ founded on Peter - The Roman Catholic Church. The promise of Jesus Christ to Peter, that He will protect His Church from the gates of hell.

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