Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Incorrupt Body St Vincent De Paul

Bolstered poor and impoverished nobles, was the sovereign counsel, defended the Church against the heresies of the time

In 1633, he founded the Daughters of Charity, made up of women united by votes, but without being religious. It was the beginning of a work which provided relief to millions of needy worldwide.

"The Church - he said - is going to ruin in many places because of the bad life of priests, they are to lose it and destroy."

Most of the nobles of Lorraine had emigrated to avoid starvation, their misery was the worst because they dared not extend his hand. No one to help them, because they were not seen as needy. St. Vincent became aware of this situation, and bailed. Commented that he felt great pleasure in this, because it was justice that assist and relieve poor nobility, to honor our Lord, who was very noble and very poor at the same time

Nobody served the King with more fidelity, and the ecclesiastical hierarchy with more respect, than the simple Fr Vincent. Possessed all the qualities that characterize a man of action: initiative, daring, organizational genius, prudence, wisdom, selflessness, patience and persistence. Its practicality and thorough and weighed the pros and cons, both in whole and in details. When entering a path, not stopping, not looking backward, not destroyed in one day what he had built the day before, nothing made him retreat.

Died on September 27, 1660. In 1737, 27 cardinals, hundreds of prelates, the King of England, the Roman nobility and ambassadors attended the solemn canonization of St. Vincent de Paul, in the pontificate of Clement XII.

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