Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why Do Catholics Make Such A Big Deal About Mary ?

You’ve heard the question before. Perhaps you’ve even asked it yourself. Here’s one way to answer the question.

While Our Lord was on His Holy Cross and saw Mary and “the apostle whom He loved” standing at the foot of it, He said to His mother: “Woman, behold your son.” He then said to the apostle: “Behold your mother.” The Gospel goes on to say: “…from that hour, he [the apostle] took her into his home.” (John 19:25–27)

Now just think for a moment about this.

As Jesus—God in the Flesh—was doing His work on His Cross saving man from damnation, the greatest work He will ever do, He paused for His mother. He took a moment to entrust her to His apostle’s care because she had no other children. Had she other children, Christ would not have had the apostle assume responsibility for her.

But perhaps Jesus did not pause from His work. Consider that—just perhaps—giving Mary to the apostle, and therefore to us, was part of His work: an instrumental element in His salvation of mankind. It would explain why the Gospel writer thought this event important enough to warrant being documented.

If the words spoken by Christ are of vital importance and held in the highest esteem by Christians, even more so are the words spoken by God from His Holy cross: His words concerning His mother. These words must not be ignored or marginalized, and the implications of these words must not be minimized. Indeed, these words demand contemplation, study, and must be allowed to assume their natural place within the Will of God.

For nearly two millennia Catholics, acting as “the apostle whom He loved,” have lovingly taken Mary into their homes and have honored her. We are faithfully and lovingly doing what Our Lord told us to do: we “behold” our mother.

Source: Catholic Phoenix

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