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Lee Wei Ming's Testimony

From Pimp to Pastor

In Penang, Malaysia, the Senior pastor of Penang Grace Assembly of God, Lee Wei Ming experienced an evil and dispirited youth of being a pimp when he was young.

36-year-old Lee believed in God when he was 19. During an interview with Guang Ming Daily he said remorsefully that his life would have ended at 19 if not for his faith in God.

Gambling and playing truant

He recalled that after a road accident happened to his foster mother, causing her to be paralysed, he strayed from the right path while he was still in primary school. He always skipped his class to gamble when he was in Form Three, and was eventually expelled from school and joined a gang under a leader called the "Godfather."

He treated "Godfather" as a part of his family as he had been denied of love from his own family. He just followed the instructions of the "Godfather" to involve in illegal activities.

The main job of "Godfather" was to be a pimp. He rented a shop lot at Komtar to become his "den," and has under him countless of good-looking and eloquent-speaking young men who would entice ignorant girls into his trade. They would then cast the Maoshan spells on the girls so that they would serve as prostitutes for them willingly.

Lee’s duty was to stand guard at the door in order to rescue any girl that was abused by her customer.

Each girl would have to serve one or two customers a day. All transactions were carried out at hotels or family-run inns.

Lee said the pimps treated the girls well, adding that he was forced to carry out his duty even though he felt pitiful for those girls. According to him, the girls were not aware of what they had done under the spell.

He said soon "Godfather" came under the police's wanted list and had to escape to Singapore. Following this, the gang became dissolved.

Lee said he felt guilty and decided to stop gambling and find a proper job. At the same time, he also started to involve himself in church services by becoming a volunteer to lead straying youngsters back to the right path. Besides, he also organised many charity event including opening an old folk’s home.

Controlling girls with Maoshan spells

Lee revealed that the "Godfather" from Singapore was an expert in Maoshan spells. Most of the female victims were 17 to 18 years old, and "Godfather" would let them take a special drink cast with spell every three months so that they would work for him willingly.

Following a loan shark

After "Godfather" escaped, Lee became a "loan shark," and was enjoying good income at a tender age of 17. Unfortunately he lost all his income in a day of gambling and owed a loan shark RM11,000. He gave up himself by becoming a daily drunkard until the age of 19.

One night, while he was driving home after drinking, he passed by a church and heard the melodious rhythm of a hymn. While he hummed the hymn, his tears rolled down his cheeks. He stopped his car and crawled inside the church and prayed: "If you can transform my life, I will give it to you!"

Lee's life has since been changed, and he has kept his promise by consecrating himself to Lord Jesus.

Growing up in violence

A forsaken child, he was adopted by his nanny. He was raised in a family full of violence as his foster father liked to beat his foster mother after he finished his money in gambling or became drunk.

He began to stray from the right track while he was still in Standard Five after his foster mother met a horrible accident . He started to get addicted to smoking, playing truant, and even gambling at school. He joined a secret society when he was in Remove, collecting "protection fees" from his schoolmates. He later got addicted to narcotics and was finally expelled from school due to gross misconduct.

Battling the demon inside his heart

He believes it is his faith in the Lord that has helped him overcome the demon inside his heart. He made up his mind to pay back all his loans to his "ex-buddies."

He then started to work at a workshop during the day and as a waiter in a night club at night. He tried very hard to save every single bit of his money and was finally able to settle all of his debts after about eight months.

He admitted that he believed in Christ because of the conversion of his elder brother who used to be a drug addict.

"I would go to the church every week to help out some chores or drive the old people."

Determined to become a pastor

After settling all his debts, Lee found a job at a factory that paid him only a few hundred ringgit each month. Nevertheless, it was amazing that he was still able to save up to RM400 each month after setting aside the pocket money for his foster mother.

Unfortunately, he was laid off by his company in 1997 during the economic crisis. He decided to pursue a theology course and upon his graduation four years later, he became a pastor.

Apart from that, he also set up his own family with three adorable daughters.

His biggest hope now is to open a rehabilitation centre to help the drug addicts.

Source: Sin Chew

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