Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dr Scott Hahn

Influential Anti-Catholic Presbyterian pastor converts to Catholicism.

Dr. Scott Hahn who once an influential Anti-Catholic Presbyterian pastor one day wakes up, shocked to discover the Biblical grounds of the Catholic Church. The more Dr. Scott Hahn studied scripture, the more serious questions arose in his mind about such issues as sin and redemption, the nature of the Church, the meaning of the Last Supper, biblical authority and revelation.

Dr. Scott Hahn's dedication to follow the truth wherever it led him, even if it led him to Rome, cost him dearly. He lost his job, his position in the evangelical society, many of his friends and his vocation as a public minister. But he gained much more than he lost: the full truth of the Gospel. The former persecutor becomes a great champion and defender of the faith.

Dr. Scott Hahn is now a renowned contemporary theologian and Catholic apologist. His works include Rome Sweet Home and The Lamb's Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth. He currently Professor of Scripture and Theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, United States.

Watch this videos on Dr. Scott Hahn's conversion story:

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Unknown said...

I find Scott Hahn, quite inspiring; I particularly liked his talk on the 4th Cup...mind shattering!

Richard said...

I'm a Protestant and am aquinted with Scott Hann and his ministry. The Catholic Church is really blessed to have such a talented minister such as Scott Hann. He is a great loss to the Protestant faith.

Marcus WF said...

I love these videos, and I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit encourages and helps all who see these videos to receive with impartial minds and hearts to welcome The Catholic Church as the true Church of Jesus Christ on earth.

Dr. Colin Dobson said...

I'm a practicing Evangelical and have read 2 of Dr. Scott Hahn's books - Rome Sweet Home (about his conversion) and, The Lamb's Supper (about the mass). Dr. Hahn does hit the nail on the head with these two books. Since reading those books I have revised many of my view about the Catholic church and her beliefs. While I have not considered becoming a Catholic as yet, I can see the Catholic point of view in Christianity.

Vicky said...

Welcome home, Dr. Hahn. He is such an asset to us.

Doris Brown said...

I have watched a few videos on Dr. Hahn's teachings and I am greatly inspired and he has make me appreciate my faith better.

JN said...

His books are the reason I've returned to the Catholic Church, the true Church of Jesus Christ.

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