Saturday, January 15, 2011

Alex Jones' Testimony

Pentecostal Pastor becomes Catholic Deacon

Alex Jones was the charismatic preacher of a thriving black independent Pentecostal congregation, Maranatha Christian Church in Detroit.

He became a Pentecostal Pastor in 1972 and set up his own Pentecostal church in 1982.

“No one wants to be Catholic where I come from. Not even Catholics,” He joked.

His conversion began when he began looking at early Christian worship with a congregational study group. That led to a reading of the early church fathers, including St. Ignatius of Antioch, a friend of the apostle John, and St. Clement of Rome, the third successor to St. Peter as head of the church.

“I saw the continuity from the apostles to the church today, and that necessitated a further look," he said.

He began to see that as a pastor, he was missing apostolic succession and a hierarchy that ensured continuity of teachings.

Alex joined the Catholic Church in 2000. His wife, family members and 54 of his church members followed.

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